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This past weekend we decided to take a roadtrip to Colorado. I had a friend that was getting married out there. It was a crazy experience to see my friend and his family. I had not seen him for more than a decade, and both he and his brother looked the same as back then. So strange, but it was nice. His mom still lives across the street from my parents, but they couldnt make it out there.
While we were there, B sure made a fan. The flowergirl Bailey quickly took to him and was all about taking some photos. In fact, she wouldnt let him go when he started freaking out. maybe I can attach a little photo of that scene.
One thing to keep in mind if you are ever considering to Colorado. FLY. Driving just isnt worth it. It was like this 6 1/2 hour torture that just kept going on and on, looking exactly the same the entire way. Just no good whatsoever. Anyway, something for the history books, I guess. Just one more state that I don’t think that I could ever live in. I guess I should mention that although ridicilously boring, Wyoming does provide the chance to visit the prison that actually housed Butch Cassidy. We stopped in Laramie for a quick tour and a photo of B & I in the stagecoach that they used to transport the convicts. With that being said, I still dont think that it is much of a selling point for the travel brochures.
One more word to remember- REDBOX. I think that it has seriously got to be one of the greatest ideas ever. Such a clever little concept that is so convenient.
More news tomorrow.


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This last weekend, my sister Keri, her husband Jason, and their son Trenton came to visit. It was nice having them, Jason has spent the last 20 months in Iraq. He came home on leave, and they came to visit. They spent Monday at Lagoon, and the other days shopping for Trenton’s 7th birthday. He is about ready to start school, so they were buying clothes for school. I had the chance to take some family photos for them. I actually got some really cool ones, and I photoshopped them up. I feel pretty excited about how much I was able to manipulate and jazz them up- they look sharp. I will post photos in this blog. The problem with doing stuff like that is that I learn so much each project I do. Then Allie wants me to do something for us using my newly found art skills. Now I have a list of about 6,000 things that we want to do for us. Photobooks, family photos, dvds of Beckett, etc, etc. Someday we will get around to it. It’s just so funny, because of the 40+ video projects that I have done up until now, not one of them has just been for us. There always seems to be something else going on that takes priority, I guess. Gotta crank through these 3 weddings so I can actuallly do some of them before I get more projects on my plate.

On another topic, Beckett is getting to be so funny lately. I think he is getting into another really good stage. With the exception of not sleeping enough (enough for me to be able to get some rest too, that is), he is pretty fun. He sure is a good looking kid. I have absolutely no idea where those crazy blue eyes come from. Strange.

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I thought I would start off by adding a photo of …

I thought I would start off by adding a photo of little B. This photo was taken somewhere around May of 2005. He looks so much smaller in this photo- its kinda crazy. Now he is getting so heavy that I get very tired of carrying him around! He sure is fun, though. And getting such a fun personality, too. Right now he seems to be going through that seperation anxiety phase. Hope it ends soon, or we will have to invest in some cardboard cutouts of Allie and I just so that we can get things done around the house. He gets so freaked out sometimes when he can’t see us. Other than that, he is starting to get back into a really great phase. Almost crawling, but not entirely. The truth is that it seems that he will be walking before he is crawling. Little man with his red hair- so much fun and so entertaining. What a champ. Allie and I have been wanting to take him camping. Maybe in the next couple of weeks we can do that. It will be so much fun when he an actually talk and contribute.

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Inaugaral Posting

This is technically my inaugaral posting. I guess it is about time that I get rolling on this and have a good time. I am very excited about using this register to write a few words each day. Good stuff. Lots to talk about- Let’s roll it…

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