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Same old song

I have recently discovered some really great music. I have acquired LOTS of Led Zeppelin, and I had absolutely no idea of how much music has been covered by other bands. It is crazy to see how many of Led’s songs I know- as played by others. They have some truly great music out there. Also, Crosby Stills and Nash are really great. I think that I have been missing out on so much great music from yesteryear. amazing.

As for new music, the new Bon Jovi is really good too. I spent my youth listening to Slippery When Wet and New Jersey. I must have listened to each of those albums in excess of 200 times (at the very least) and it has been a long while since I really paid attention to them. But this new album truly is great. I enjoy it, and have probably listened to it 6 times in the last 48 hours.

For all of you that are reading my blog (which there probably isnt any more than 1 or 2 of you- including me!), that new David Gray is good. Check out “Lately” – what an outstanding track!

I would be interested in hearing about anything else that is newsworthy. Always in the mood for good music.


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It’s always about B

I have been in Denver, Colorado for work this week. It has been the first real business trip that I have ever taken- outside of that miserable training that I had in Virginia. (Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE Virginia, but nobody should be away from the family for that length of time.) I have been here training government employees on how to use their new copy equipment.

It has been very taxing here, not knowing where I am going- and not knowing what is next. I cannot for the life of me seem to understand where I am going in the city. The freeway system seems to have me perplexed for the time being. Maybe next time I can start to get it figured out. Either that, or get a rental car with GPS.

Yesterday we were at a Youth Correctional facility that was just kinda crazy. These kids were locked up for all sorts of wacky stuff. Stealing cars, sex crimes, violent crime, etc etc. I couldnt believe it. Tuesday and today and tomorrow are spent at a building downtown installing machines and training staff on how to use it. Not too bad- I did get to try out a restaurant much like cafe rio called Chipotle. I guess it seems to be the popular chain everywhere outside of Utah. Still have not had the chance to make it to Good Times to get one of those overly tasty buffalo chicken sandwiches. There still might be time before I leave.

Today while I was installing machines and giving training sessions, several people asked me about the photo I have of little B in my Xerox portfolio. Everyone seems to really love him, and couldnt say enough about him and his blue eyes. That just started me on this smile train that wouldnt stop. I just think that he is so funny that I can barely stand it. What a crazy kid. Who knew that things would change so dramatically when he decided to come into our family. I guess maybe I am starting to understand what “joy and rejoicing in your posterity” means. If the past 9 months are any indicator, this is going to be pretty incredible. Cant wait to see what else comes our way. Like I said, It’s always about B.

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