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no big surprise

i guess it really is no big surprise that it has taken me so long to write since my last posting. what started out as a pretty frequent activity has become very in-frequent. I guess I will have to make some big improvements to remedy this situation.

Well, only 6 more weekends until Allie gets to quit and we can become a normal family. Really- I think that things will be much easier when she is home all the time. It will be very, very strange. But I actually might be more excited than she is. It will be difficult going to one income also, but it has to be done. I am excited for the chance to have meals together at night as a family and spending more than a couple hours per week with her. It will also be very cool when planning family trips, camping, and whatever else we want to do. We will only have to negotiate my vacation days to maximize. How great next summer is going to be. We have started making some big plans for some camping excursions next year. Capitol Reef, Moab, Jackson Hole, etc. Cant wait to ride my guts out at Moab next summer. It has been a while since I actually had the time to just ride till I died. I am very excited for all the time I will be able to spend on my roadbike next year too. I plan to start racing at the Criterium series races every Tuesday night at the Rocky Mountain Raceway. I will actually be able to compete again in something. That is a bit intimidating- but VERY exciting.

Guess we will also have to curb our spending, but that’s ok. We’ll find other ways to save. Gas, food, etc. It will definitely all work out in the end. And we can have a garden, grow our own SALSA foods like tomatoes and cilantro, etc.

We are getting ready to head to Idaho this wednesday for Thanksgiving. Planning to come back on Thursday afternoon, because Allie has to work Friday. I think her family is going out to breakfast for her dad’s birthday. Then a couple days later her sister is entering the MTC. She will be in the Mesa Arizona Mission for the next 18. Crazy that she is going. Even crazier that she is OLD ENOUGH TO GO. I kinda thought that she would never make it on a mission. I guess I always assumed she would end up finding some guy and getting married before that happened. Guess I was dead wrong.

Allie is kinda making a big thing about birthdays this year. I will be 30, and Beckett will be 1. Kind of like the circle of life or something. Funny, nonetheless. I dont care that much about birthdays- especially my own. But his first will definitely be a celebration of how things have changed so very much. I would have never dreamed in a million years that it would be so much fun having him around. He is so stinking funny that i cant even believe it. He cracks me up with pretty much everything he does. It is hard to believe that he can have so much life in him. He kinda jazzes up every day. How fun it is, especially when he charges me and rams me with his head. Not so fun when he rams me in the nose ( I thought he might have broken it a couple of times, he comes at me so fast!) And then there is the nose biting with his little fangs. So silly, but so uniquely B. What a kid.

Until the next episode.


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