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a little update

I thought I would take a few minutes to update the weblog here and fill in the last few weeks.
Things havent been slowing down too much, we have been super busy still. I hope that they will start to soon. (isnt that always the story?)
Summer is going by very quickly- Allie and B have been to Cherry Hill a lot in the past little while. He continues to grow up whenever we aren’t looking. It seems like every day he is so much bigger. It is really enjoyable now that we can have at least a partial conversation. He responds back to me when I ask him questions, and he is starting to put phrases together that actually make sense and are in context with the situation. It is so funny. I really don’t know what we would ever do without him. It makes me wonder what it will be like one day when there are others around and he doesnt get the same level of attention. And i wonder about the personalities of the others. Is it really possible that they could be like him? Hard to believe, but I guess we will see in a few years when he has some siblings. It gets me pretty excited when I think about that, because he has brought so much to our home that I can’t even believe it. WOW.
Other than that, i had a little mishap and made a trip to the ER. The other day and was building some shelves in the garage. I pulled a bracket down on myself and it caught me right under the left eye and split it wide open. Had to go in and get 3 stitches. Pulled them out last night and it is starting to look a lot better. The black eye is almost gone now.

Work is still killing me, this week is one of the worst with busywork. The funny thing is that I dont know how much of it will do anything to help me sell. I have found, however, that I still have a potential of about 2.2 M in revenue I may still be able to bring in before November. When my annual budget is only 1.3 M for the year, and being in territory only 8 months it would be something like 850k. So if I could close the 2.2 M on top of the 300k I have sold in the last couple of months, I would be sitting on about 2.5 M (that would put me at like 300% for the year) and definitely land me at President’s Club. I am trying, but this is absolutely killing me. Guess we’ll see what happens. We’ll see if I think I can actually make a living at this.
I have to complete my semi-annual Territory Business Planning for tomorrow. I have a meeting to present it to Bill at 1. So I just have to get this cranked out so I can turn it in and then maybe get back to work so I can sell some more boxes. It is so taxing sometimes.
Talk soon.



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One Fine Mess

And so it seems that I haven’t posted a blog message for quite some time now. Truth is- I think I forgot about my own page and was reading others.
Things have been great lately- B is getting so big that I can’t even believe it. He is growing up very quickly and I just cannot keep up. He is also developing his personality so much that he has grown into quite a character. One day, when he can actually tell you what he wants to say- and when there are more than just him around… it will be a sight to see. I don’t exactly know how I expect him to react when he has another sibling around. But I SO look forward to that. With as much fun as he is, I can’t exactly wrap my head around the idea of others.
This summer has been ripping by so quickly that I don’t really know where it has gone. I guess the move and getting settled killed any free time I have had. Plus several video projects that I have been working on. I have actually accomplished quite a bit, but I have so much to do still. Lots and lots of editing to do, the Hazembueller wedding and then the 8mm conversions. Maybe when I get to that point, I can look at changing to Avid. And developing my Photoshop skills a bit more too.
As for now, I think we may have a bit of a quiet calm period where we can get some things done. Taking a week off in July for some camping or something (as long as we are out of town and able to chill out a bit is ok with me) and then off to DW in September. I sure hope B likes that whole thing. It would be painful if he didn’t enjoy it.
Allie and I have talked about taking on the responsibility for planning the next Wells reunion. Shooting for 08. I think between Allie and I, we should be able to plan a really great event. If anyone in the family should be able to plan a decent event, it should be us. Just hope we can plan one and have everyone come. Gotta run, think that the sun I have been getting this week has drained me dry. Headaches like crazy.
One last thing- happy 4th.

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