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Just a quick note as I have recently converted my blog from blogspot over to Wordpress. Very cool stuff.

I am a little bit excited for the new blog. I think there will be lots of new things to do with this one. Much better looking format and more flexibility for sure. Hope I don’t forget to post on this one as i did the last.


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days of thunder

The weather here has sure been taking a strange turn for the weird.
We had several days that were very warm, at and around the 70 degree mark. Then all of a sudden it got cold and backed down to the 50s. Looks like it will stay this way for the next week, at least. Too bad, I was getting pretty excited about this spring weather.
Still havent had the chance to get my yard done, but that’s ok- next week will surely be a good one to get some of it done. Gotta get my garden ready to go, get my yard cleaned up and presentable, right?

The past few weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind. Since Fischer was born March 12, things have been entirely too crazy. Beckett is still having a little bit of difficulty in acclimatizing to everything. He absolutely has to know where Fish is all the time, and what we are doing with him. He LOVES to kiss him and hug him, and pretty much do anything he can to antagonize him in every shape or form. This is not restricted to flying moves from the lovesac and bouncing on the bed, sitting on top of him in his carseat, etc. Kinda scary actually- and it keeps us on the watch. Nonetheless a little freaky. We can’t leave them alone for even a minute- or it may be serious. Overall, he is getting a little better.
Allie is still being a total champ with everything. Maybe it’s just that she’s kinda like an old pro now, knowing what was coming and being more prepared for it. It’s just the dealing with Beckett that is wearing us both down. Hopefully he comes to a noncombustible state before we completely run out of steam.
As for everything else, I have been busy with so many things lately. Working out in the garage to continue to dejunk our stuff and toss as much as possible. I have built lots of shelves out there and have pretty much organized the vast majority of things. Still have a little bit to go. It is looking SO much better, for sure. Built 3 sets of shelves, a workbench, and now the pegboard is all up and organized too. Going to install a sink out there here pretty soon, so it will be pretty functional in that way.
Other than that I have been working a lot more in the last while at work, trying everything I can to sell. Unfortunately I work for a company that doesn’t seem entirely interested in making its reps successful, nor pleasing their customers. A slippery slope it is, and I certainly do not welcome the thought of being one of those guys that goes sliding off. So with that, I have been looking at lots of ways to get off that slope. Heading for higher ground, on level ground. No more sliding for this ice climber. Too bad i have been tossed around like I have. Kinda been thrown under the bus on most occasions- so it has caused me to feel a bit resentful toward my environment there. But everything is just about to change. Very soon and I will be off the slope and on a new plan. More news to follow.

I am planning to post new photos very soon. I have taken some of Fischer lately that I like so they will definitely make it up soon. Until then, Cheers.


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