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Beaten Down

I decided to document my adventures this week. I recently caught up with a group to ride with, and it has already managed to become an interesting week. We rode Tuesday morning and Wednesday night. Then we plan to ride Friday and Saturday mornings. Tuesday we 35 miles in before work, and we had a pretty intense climb at around the 15 mile mark. It was a killer grade- guessing somewhere between 17-19%. Ouch. I hit that thing just standing up cranking up that thing- but by the time I hit the halfway mark (which was about 500 yard up it) i completely hit the wall. It just kept rising and rising. I couldnt even believe that I could keep cranking away. By far the toughtest thing I had climbed before. Makes Snow Basin and Trapper’s loop look small time. WOW. So after hitting that, I was so unbelievably fatigued the whole day, and still recovering Wednesday. So Wednesday night I met up with the Bountiful Mazda club (with me there was 11) and we left Mtn. Green Sinclair station. We rode to the East Canyon Dam, back through Morgan, and back to Mtn, Green. It was a total of 46 miles through the loop. But it may as well have been 200. I had a real rough time. Although I got dropped twice during the ride, I was extremely excited to be in the mix. At like the 15 mile mark, I took my turn pulling the group. Not sure why it happened in my brain, but somehow I felt compelled to just ride as hard as I could. So i ended up pulling for about a solid mile- and at a speed way too high. I was probably averaging somewhere around 27-28 mph on my turn. So when I pulled out and waited for the line to come by so I could drop in on the end– I just didnt have any juice left. That is a real difficult thing for me to do (jumping on the back after a turn). So consequentially I was dropped and within 3 minutes I couldnt even see the group. During those moments of being off the back of the group, I was stil able to maintain a speed of around 22-23. For me that is still pretty quick. But these guys are complete animals, and afford no mercy on the weak. Luckily for me I actually caught someone else that had come off the back of the group and we rode together right up to the dam. Ended up being an enjoyable ride during that 12-14 mile leg with him. I did realize, however that I am not that much slower or weaker than the others (not the Cat 2 guys, but the 3s and 4s.) I just dont have the group experience to ride smarter. My instincts had misguided me, and led me to paths of long, lonely roads all by myself. MIles of just hoping I would catch a glimpse of the orange train in the horizon. But nothing. Finally we caught the group and the top of the summit, right at the dam. I was afraid to adk how long they had been stopped. From the looks of things, it may have been a while- many had already finished a whole protein bar by then, They were all refueled by the time we got there. So we continued on without the break that my body needed so severely. Hit the dam, came back around, and headed downhill. Is it that I am getting older, or something else- but I just couldnt bring myself to cut it free down down the descents. I limited myself to around 40- but again I was dropped by the group. I surely need to figure out how to just stay in the pack. I think that will really eliminate the number of times when I am just completely cooked and unable to hang on. But I made it. On the hardest ride I have ever made before. Just glad of two things:
1. That it is over
2. That I will be stronger the next ride, the next week, the next day.

All I know that the two short days of rides, I feel like I am already more committed to the lifestyle change. Not an easy activity, but nonetheless a very, very worthwhile one.


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for Real!

So, at last- REAL SL WINS! A legitimate win. While they almost fell into their pattern and lost it in overage time, they won. It was a really really great game. They were leading 2-0, and I was feeling pretty optimistic about a shut-out, but not to be. DC United is actually ranked pretty well. SL, not so well. Last, actually. But this should help in a couple of ways. One win will help get a couple of points for us. Also, maybe these guys will start playing like winners. They sure did a great job, though. DC United just did so well controlling the ball. Perhaps the best of anyone that has come here so far. But when they were down by 2, they turned up the heat on us. But our local guys here just did a great job of matching them. Fantastic defensive game, for a change. I couldn’t believe how great they did. It is so crazy how some of the better teams get so visibly and obviously fired up when they aren’t just killing us that they start getting a little too rattled. They were just fouling like crazy last night- with pretty much no consequence. And the longer we were holding them off, the more aggressive and violent they got. So it was real nice to squeeze the air out of them. Nice job, guys!

So after probably the most exciting game yet, I left with almost no voice. Saw the illustrations of what the new stadium will look like. Unbelievable. Must be like 50,000 seats in that place. WOW.
It’s about time we have a sport that is worth watching in SL. The Jazz- you kidding? Who needs to watch basketball?

But hey- only like 13 days more until the Tour starts. Now THATS when I can get really excited. Expecially with the Prologue in London this year. That is going to be incredible. GO LEVI!!

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Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Been some really great weather here lately. After having a couple of days of ridicilously heavy rain, I am glad to seem some sunshine. Saturday ended up being a pretty fun day. Headed down to the Farmer’s Market (the first one of the year, we found out)- which meant it was PACKED. So after walking around a while and buying some of that world famous Mango Peach salsa that those two guys sell we were off. We thought that maybe we would take the boys to see that new animated film Ratitatouille. But it seems it isnt out quite yet- so maybe later.
Just wanted to post some news on what is new.

1. Fiction Plane. These guys are a trio out of the UK. Sting’s son playing bass and lead vocals. It is truly amazing how similar they sound to early Police. Their first single “Two Sisters” is very, very, very reminiscent of “This Bed’s too Big Without You”. Give them both a listen back to back and tell me that isn’t the case. Looks like Joe has been listening to dad’s old albums. I can appreciate it, especially with the reggae influence in their music. Although this is their 3rd album, I think this time they will really break. Even more so, since they are opening for the Police on this summer’s tour. Give it a listen.

2. Dolores O’Riordan. She used to front the CRANBERRIES. Not entirely sure what she has been doing the last few years, but from the first listen of her solo album it becomes obvious she was the brains behind that operation. She undoubtedly drives a good record. Great one to listen to also.

3. Bon Jovi. The New Jersey-based band put out yet ANOTHER solid album. Crazy. Although there are many bands that have been rolling for longer than these guys have, there are lots that have been together for less. What’s more is that these guys dont seem to have ever taken a break. And they dont seem to have ever gone through a crap phase like most. Almost creepy how completely consistent these guys have been since day 1. They havent altered their sound much since the get-go. They just keep rolling, year after year, never getting old. Although LOST HIGHWAY probably won’t be anywhere near the highest in rotation on the iPod, it is definitely one to give a look at.

What else is there? How about some other great albums to listen to:

4. Aqualung: Memory Man. Amazing. Simply one of the best albums I have heard in a really long time. Wow. No wonder the play count on this album is probably 4x anything else on the pod. There are so many amazing tracks on this thing I can’t even keep track anymore. Outside is the best on the record- for sure. But what about Black Hole, Pressure Suit, Cinderella, Something to Believe in, Vapour Trail? When I heard Broken Bones, I almost freaked out for how cool that one is. Seriously. Doesn’t get much better than this. WOW. (again)

5. Chris Daughtry. How great is it that this guy can come in and break the rules on AI and then go on to just put out a refreshingly stereotypical rock album. Maybe just because i grew up on rock of the 80s can I find something so familiar with this album. Almost like on the first listen I felt I had heard that cd my whole life. Great sound, this guy will stick around.

6. James Morrison. Enough said.

7. Rocco deLuca & the burden. Maybe these guys are getting to be old news now (as far as new music is concerned), but that’s ok with me. I think they are great, very innovative. Well worth the listen.

8. Ray LaMontagne. This guy is starting to get very commercially popular. TV shows, commercials, etc are using his tracks all the time. I definitely believe that Till The Sun Turns Black and Trouble are by far his best work. Give it a chance and you will be as thrilled with his vocals as I am each and every time I hear him.

9. The new Missy Higgins (On a Clear Night). She is a very very underrated new artist. Watch for some great things to happen with her also.

Sidebar– I have been sitting here checking the Howie Day website for the last 9 months, reading about this new album with an “early 2007 release” anxiously. But now we hear that he is in rehab, pimping B. Spears? What is going on here? Are we ever going to get back into the studio and finish it up, or are we going to play footsie with some washed up talentless hoochie? By associating with her, Howie has opened himself up for verbal attack from Mr KFED, this jackass that is claiming some sort of moral superiority agains the seriously demented behavior patterns of Britney. I just don’t get it.

I am posting some photos that we took over the last couple of days. Kids are getting so big these days I can’t even keep up.


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