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what’s in a week?

So here is the deal… Allie and the boys are going to be gone for the whole week. Her mom’s family has a family reunion up there. Since I can’t get off work to go, I am here alone. I will leave Thursday night to go to Bear Lake to meet them there, then it’s off for an Olson family reunion in Idaho this weekend. I will stay in BL Thursday night, head to Idaho Fri morning. Stay there until Saturday afternoon, then back here Saturday night. Sunday morning- catch a flight to Houston, there 2 weeks. So either I will be posting much more over the next couple of weeks, or not at all. I can’t say that I have been anything near consistent on my posts, but hoping to work on that.

I have a feeling that I may be posting lots more from Houston- don’t really know what else there is to do out there. We’ll see. I do think I may be reading a lot, seeing lots of movies.

A few days ago, we went back down to the Apple store at the Gateway (much to the horror of Allie- she hates going down there. Feels like it is an all-day adventure she can’t stop when we do…) to see the iPhone. I will have to say that it is every bit as cool as I ever hoped. WOW. There is a reason that it is catching lots of attention and hype. The PERFECT size and shape. Seriously. It couldnt be any better designed. LOVE IT. Doesnt mean I am planning to cancel my service and go buy one, but maybe someday. While we were down there, we were playing with them, watching videos on youtube. Allie came across a video that was pretty funny, pretty weird. So I am posting it for everyone to review. Don’t really get what’s going on here, but then again- thats the point.

Take a look at “Chocolate Rain”.

Second video is another by the same joker.



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Elephants on the loose?

The other day I heard about some elephants that escaped in Canada somewhere. Apparently they escaped from the Circus and were tearing through some neighborhood. Tearing up trees, eating people’s lawns, etc. Found a video for it.
They were playing the 911 call from some kids that found them. Seems that the dispatcher didnt believe these kids at all. Just sitting there giving them a hard time.

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The boys_video_test

I am attempting to add video for the first time. Guess we’ll see if it works.

Just a couple of videos of the boys.

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Am I Insane?

So yesterday I met up with some of the group again for a tremendous little ride. When I opened up the email Friday night, I was told we were meeting at 6am, get some 80miles of riding in, and be back to be able to spend the day with our families. So I thought- sounds great. I hadn’t ever gone 80, and had long since wanted to get some serious distance in. Even the climbing that we would get in didnt sound too much.
So Saturday morning, I decided to pack as much food as I could get into my jersey and head off. I had a Cliff Bar, Powerbar, 2 bags of Sports Beans, 2 gels, and was full on gatorade and water. After kinda bonking on Wednesday (was it bonking, or were the guys just WAY out of my league?– maybe a little of both) I had decided that there was NO WAY I was going to come up short on this ride. What I brought was definitely going to get me through the day. If I could force myself to eat every 15 miles, there wouldnt be any problems.

615am- get to the Sinclair session, get dressed, hop on the bike.
630am- we pull up Trapper’s Loop (Todd, Mike, Loren, and I) headed up.
635am- Todd pulls away from the rest of us, like a man possessed.
640 am- I see Todd ahead about 200 yards in front of us, cranking up the hill.
645- I make a quick head check for cars (and since I was the last in line at the time), stand up, and pretty much sprint to catch a wheel behind Todd.
647am- grab a wheel, think to myself “let’s just get over this thing as quick as we can”

Meanwhile, it is absolutely freezing. Full-fingered gloves, armwarmers, and a body armor shirt are barely keeping me from shivering.

652am- I turn around to see the other two down below, just as Todd gears up and starts to pull away from me.

655- Todd’s already 200 yards up- there’s no way I am going to dance again-yet.
700- Mike comes up on me and flies on by, catching Todd within a few more minutes.

By the time we get to the top and about ready to head down the descent, Todd and Mike are waiting for me. Loren shows up a few minutes later, and we tuck down the backside.

After about 2 minutes, it becomes quite obvious there is no way I can hang with these guys on descents. Is it the extra weight that they have on me, or is it that my wheelset just isnt that fast? Don’t know- but by the end of the day, I was started to get annoyed with how effortlessly these guys could just run away from me going down, while I am slaving away trying to build up speed to catch the pocket.  Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to figure out that I need to upgrade some componentry for sure.

How great was the 20+ miles of tuck-and-ride down the hill homeward? I was loving that, what a great reward for slaving up the climb just hours prior.

All was just dandy until we hit the backside of Trapper’s Loop, which is about 7 miles of pure hell at this point. We were already hitting about the 74-mile marker when we got there, and it sure got steep. By now, I had gotten dropped by Todd & Mike again, managed to dust Loren on the fresh climb. I was already setting some pretty short goals, Shuffle cranked as loud as I could handle, and hoping for the best.  So after about 40 minutes, I found myself cresting the top of that thing and tucked as tight as I possibly could for the drop. Hitting almost 46 on the down grade- I couldnt help feeling a bit resentful that the other two surely had to have surpassed the 50-mark. Next time, I’ll stick them for sure.

I think if you look up the word GRUELING in the dictionary- even wikipedia, I think you may see a picture of that mountain. 4000′ ascent in 40 miles…. wow.

As  quickly as I can possibly get over the stiffness and sunburn, I am sure we’ll get to it again.

Until the next adventure…     ride hard.

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