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So i got back in from Houston this past weekend and am very happy to be back.
I have been pleased that the temp is dropping down to numbers that people can actually survive.  Besides that, Apple’s stock price is rebounding pretty quickly. It’s been up about $5.00 each day for at least the last 3, so that is great news! Maybe we will see this thing bounce over the 200 mark by end of the year after all.

I have been trying for the last couple of days to figure out how to post the my iTunes widget on my page, but have had no luck. I guess maybe I just don’t have the time (nor the inclination) to go through all the forums and figure out what code to paste where. From what I can tell, it doesnt work as easy with wordpress as it should- but a guy could probably get it to work if he spent the time. I don’t think i am that guy. Who cares about sharing your iTunes music on your blog if it is that difficult, right?

It’s kinda strange, since I got back from TX, i kinda feel like my sleep requirements are somewhat parallel to that of the common person. Forever I have been able to make it on less and less with little consequence. That has been on the slide for some time now, but all of a sudden I can’t cheat on it. It’s like I am absolutely miserable unless I get as much as possible. Weird feeling. Guess that’s what most people feel like. Maybe it is just the crazy heat that we’ve had here.

I will try to post more Houston photos this afternoon if I have the chance. Until then.


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still in houston?

Still in Houston! I’ve come to the conclusion that there really isn’t that much that is great about Houston. It was only yesterday that I discovered the tunnels under the city. Sort of like a system of wormholes that go underground between all of the bigger office tower buildings. There are lots of restaurants under there, as well as shops for things like smoothies, the newspaper, or even banks. I find it strange that I was here about 10 days before I even noticed this elaborate network of tunnels. But after about 30 minutes of walking yesterday, I think we had seen the whole thing. Saw all the restaurants I was to full to eat at, and it started making sense why the downtown above me was so dead after lunch. Absolutely no night life (to the outsider, anyway). Not that I was looking for fun after hours, but it was so strange to me that the Houston Center (the major shopping mall in the area) was closed by the time we left class at 5:00. Are you kidding? 5pm, and everyone is already headed home? Gates pulled down at 5, lights turned out. Weird. So today I made the only souvenir stop I have made while I have been here, got some Texas Tshirts for the fam. I found that there was a pretty big lack of items to choose from. Considering that there were only a couple of these tourist-stop shops to choose from by the time I got over there.

After being here this long, I am so very ready to come home. I have had an unexpected amount of fun with my group, but I think I am starting to grow thin on patience. Perhaps it may have something to do with the fact that I’m not really like anyone else here. Definitely the only LDS person here. In fact, it seems that nobody in my group had even KNOWN a mormon before. So after the continual disbelief every time we go somewhere, everyone finally gets that I’m not drinking. But for the most part, I haven’t been catching too much heat for it. Perhaps they really don’t want to offend me, who knows? After the first day or two here I pretty much got used to being in my room here alone, watching a movie, or going to the gym. I think that I am also the only one to use the gym here, which is a complete mystery to me. They almost always call a shuttle to take them to class. Given that I can walk the distance in about 5 ½ minutes, I don’t see what the big hangup with walking is. Are we really becoming that lazy? I mean come on- it’s like 4 blocks from the hotel, maybe 5.

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Still baking in TX

So Allie came out to see me and brought Fisch. She got in Thursday night, and luckily for me I got out of class a bit early yesterday (Friday). Otherwise, she may have just been forced to hang out at the pool all day and do nothing. KIDDING! So I got back to the hotel at about 4pm, and we went with a friend from training & his wife to dinner. We decided to go get a Texas steak, and had been told that Striphouse was pretty good food. Subsequently, we roll up in the Hilton shuttle to eat around 700 last night and go in. As we are standing there waiting for a table, we realize that the entire place is basically tiled with photos of pinup girls doing exactly that-stripping. Whoah. Play on words there. Even the napkins have silhouettes of stripping girls. Somewhat reminiscent of those mudflaps that truckers sometimes have. A bit of a surprise to be there. With a baby,  no less. We found it to be a pretty upscale place to eat, and after paying about $120 for our filet and red snapper we leave. Wow, was that unexpected.

After we got back, Allie was really gung-ho about going to find a cupcake boutique. She found a place online called the Cookie Jar.  We were pretty lucky that they were open until 10,  and drove over so she could get a red velvet cupcake. I had some chocolate decadence cake that was pretty fantastic. I think she is planning to post photos on her blog sometime this afternoon. Here is some flickr photos of their cookies here

Today, we are hoping to finally go see the Bourne Ultimatum. With a 93% approval rating   after a full week in theatres, we are really excited about seeing it. Tony told me how great they thought it was, so we’re hoping to find out today.  Also , I found that Houston has a Holocaust Museum that is open from 12-5, so we are planning to go as early as we can.  We may have some others with us, Daniel and Juana from last night wanted to go also. That should be a pretty great experience, maybe the only museum I get the chance to see while I am here.

More News Later!!

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lost in space

So here’s the deal- Still here in Houston for about another week. It has been pretty hot & sticky here. Hoping that things will start mellowing out, on the news they have been calling it a heat wave. Nice to know that it isn’t typically this bad. I think it must be the humidity getting to me (or maybe the ridicilous number of cigar smokers in my hotel), but I am always so exhausted at night.
Today will be nice, Allie will be here with Fisch this afternoon. I am excited to see a bit of home. It will be really fun to go out and see the city with them, I haven’t gotten the chance to see much of anything yet. Beside the Astros game last night, my travels have been limited to the hotel and the walk to and from the training center. Nothing great to report as far as food or entertainment. I do hope that will change this weekend when Allie gets here. I think we are planning to go check out the Holocaust Museum on Saturday. Maybe catch the Dynamo game.
I will post photos later.

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dealing with my taggage…

I was going to post again, but to my surprise I got tagged my Allie. So it’s probably best if i deal with that first.

Jobs I’ve held…

Do I really need to make a list? wow.

1. moving hand lines on a farm (for those of you who know what that is, it is NO fun for sure.)
2. Farm hand at Coors brewery farm

3. Albertson’s grocery bagger

4. Goodtime video

5. University of Utah college of Health copy center

6. University of Utah Behavioral Science Laboratory assistant (I seriously ran rats through a maze and gave them fruit loops- no joke.)

7. Metz baking company (buttering slices of bread- no kidding!)

8. Little America Hotel (host, then server)

9. Marie Callendar’s restaurant- server

10. Kinko’s (front counter, then mail & shipping center manager, tnhen courier, then machine operator, then color department operator)

11. Zion’s Bank

12. Marketstar/Microsoft

13. Window washer

14. Lawn Aerator/handyman (what does this even mean?)

15. Famous Dave’s

16. Qwest

17. Xerox

18. Waste Management

see what I mean?

Movies I can watch over and over…

1. Top Gun
2. Life is Beautiful

3. Lord of the Rings ( any of the three)
4. Say Anything

5. The Great Dictator (Charlie Chaplin)

My Guilty Pleasures…

1. Watching Felicity with Allie

2. The Apple Store

3. Looking at bikes that I will never be able to afford

4. “Over It” by K. McPhee

Places I’ve Lived…

1. Heyburn, Idaho
2. Utah
3. Rosario, Argentina

Shows I enjoy…

2. Lost

3. The Office
4. I agree with Allie- Dawson’s Creek is pretty good

What were the first things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?…

1. She really thinks she is super clever, doesn’t she?

2. Why is she so sinister?

3. She turned out to be pretty fun to be with.

Places I have been on vacation…

1. Jackson Hole
2. Seattle
3. Mexico (if you can call Ensenada a vacation)
4. Costa Rica
5. Las Vegas
6. Moab, many times
7. Sun Valley, Idaho

8. Los Angeles

9. Lake Havasu, Arizona

Favorite foods…

1. Coconut Kurma
2. Sushi
3. Cafe Rio pork
4. Mountain Dew Code Red
5. Chips and Salsa
6. Cherry Coke

7. Dark Chocolate

8. Chocolate Ice Cream

9. Lasagna

Websites I visit daily…

1. Steepandcheap.com
2. Gmail
3. slickdeals.net
4. passwird.com
5. apple.com


Body Parts I have injured…

1. Arm

2. Nose

3. Arm

4. Ankle

5. Knee

6. Collarbone

6. Collarbone- again.

Awards I have won…

1. Best Legs in my graduating class
2. Most Improved Student in my high school (is that a good thing or not?)

3. After 8 years, I finally won at the Oscar Party!!

4. Top sales rep at Qwest for 6 consecutive months

Any others must be so much less significant that I can’t recall. (How can they be less significant than high school awards? Not sure that they can be.)

Nicknames I’ve been called…

1. Tigger

2.Neil Squeal

3. Neil peal
4. Skillz

5. Sugarboy (derived directly from my enormous appetite for large quantities of Mountain Dew- and the subsequent effects thereof)

6. Neildini (how could i have forgotten this one?)

Ok- so I think that’s it!

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