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So we have been without internet at home for a week. I decided (the reason is still undetermined) to update the firmware in my DSL modem. I noticed that the connection on my Mac was so much slower than on Allie’s pc. Didn’t make much sense, considering Allie’s machine is on a wireless connection. How is it that mine was slower plugged into the actual modem, than hers is being in the other room? I thought that there had to be something in the firmware that had some sort of imcompatibility with OSX. So when i tried to upgrade the firmware in my machine, it pretty much fried the modem. Then came the SEVERAL hours on the phone with some kid in India that really didnt have any idea what he was talking about. It ended up with him telling me I needed to put the Mac OS X cd in my Windows-2000 laptop and configure the TCPIP settings.  I told him I didnt understand how that had anything to do with why my modem was unresponsive. He said ‘your modem ok. need TCPIP configure with cd. When I told him I didnt have the cd for Mac OS (as if that would really be the solution anyway), he told me to ask someone that had the cd and that would fix my problem. Kinda like if you take your car to the tire shop to fix a flat and they tell you to that maybe you should be running a different octane fuel, and that it would solve your flat tire. Ridicilous…

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE tech support in other countries. SO much better than talking to someone here. It’s not that I am against other countries- it’s more like I resent the companies that employ them because it creates such a communication problem.

Off my tirade now.

We went to the Real game last night, and it rained SO hard. Started within the first 20 or so SECONDS of the game (not joking- or exaggerating here) and lasted until about 5 minutes before the end of the game. So wacky. By the time we got done, it was REALLY cold. Everything was so wet and soggy that it weighed like 80 pounds. Had a great time, and WE WON! Completely outplayed Colorado, there’s no question on that one.

I am posting a couple of photos from the game, and a video clip of Beckett in the car on the way there. It was Preston and Henry, Beckett and I. Fun stop at Leatherby’s for Ice Cream before the game, and a pretty fun boys night out.  

Will write again tomorrow after I finish my presentation. I have been so swamped this past week I cannot even believe I made it through. Tomorrow I have meetings with the VP of Sales in from Houston. My Market Area Sales Mgr, his boss, his boss, and his boss. And all the other salespeople in the area here. About 25 of us in a conference room from 1030 tomorrow morning until 5 tomorrow night. Been lots of long days preparing my presentation lately. I will be overjoyed when I get done. I get to go second, so that means a world of relief when I get done- and about 5 more hours of just feeling glad that it’s over while everyone else stresses until they get up and present theirs.
Until then… 


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not much for a post today, things have been going so fast this week. Been slammed morning to night, can’t WAIT for the weekend to get here. I am in serious need of some free time. Just to get my head together. Unfortunate that I will still have lots of work to do over the weekend. But i guess maybe it’s better to get some done so that next week it won’t be so hard to keep up.

But in other news-

In celebration of KT’s new album Drastic Fastastic, I am posting a video of her performing Black Horse & the Cherry Tree live. I saw her do this on Conan or Leno a few months ago, completely blew my mind. That’s when I realized how truly great she is. Take a look.

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what a meal…

So when i had mentioned that I was going to go to a luncheon with Gordon B, I didn’t really have many of the details.
The Utah League of Cities & Towns is celebrating their 100-year anniversary. So they have had some big events going on downtown (or so it seems). They have been having some workshops and who-knows-what-else.
Not important, really. But today there was a luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel honoring the Citizen of the Century. (That’s where Gordon B fits in, he got the award…)

So I show up today for this luncheon and find that it was a much better even than previously planned. Very cool, actually. Not only is Gordon B going to be there to accept, but also Russell M. Nelson was speaking also. And other stuff too, such as Mo-Tab singing “Danny Boy” for the President, as well as “BattleHymn of the Republic”. And also David McCullough, author of 1776, John Adams, and Pulitzer winner for Truman- was there to speak also. How great is that lineup? Plus they gave us all free books. I got a copy of John Adams.
I had no idea about McCullough being there, so it was a pretty exciting thing. Not to mention that I got to be there with the Prophet. What I found to be perhaps the most striking and cool thing was the prayer given at the start by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese. It was not every day you get to hear a Catholic Bishop praying for Gordon B. In his words “your beloved servant, your Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.” Interesting that he recognized him as a Prophet. Cool stuff, I thought.

Not much to write about in reference to Gordon B. He was, as usual, pretty funny. Looking older though. I would say significantly older. Wow. He didn’t talk long, just made jokes about how long we had been there to attend the event- obviously uncomfortable with all the fanfare that he was receiving. But what more can you expect from the guy? He couldn’t be more humble.

Mr. McCullough was really fun to listen to also. I really enjoyed his remarks. He commented several times about how moved he was by the Mo-Tab Choir. On and on about how his wife would have loved it if she had been able to attend.

He taught a pretty interesting principle, which I found to be somewhat inspiring. He taught about the diminishing practice of writing letters. He referred to and old phrase “working out your thoughts on paper”. Said that good writing means clear thinking. “Really good writing means really clear thinking.” Said that the practice of writing helps one to develop their ideas (and, if applicable- argument). Said that’s why universities require so many papers to be written, is for the opportunity to develop one’s thoughts and increase the ability to articulate one’s thoughts better. Good point, never thought of it like that.

Here is the link for the story run today by KSL.

Next, I want to post a couple of videos.
I have been listening to Brooke Fraser lately, and wanted to share some of her music. (Given that my blog gets such HUGE traffic, I thought it was a way to really reach out and spread the word- and fast.)

But seriously, I think she’s pretty great. Give a listen.

First is called Shadowfeet.
Second is called Albertine. GREAT songs.

One more I found!

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Fischer & his ice cream

I am posting a video i shot a couple of weeks ago of Fisch.
Apparently Allie thought it was a good idea to feed him an ice cream cone. She thinks it is difficult to control Beckett at 2, just wait until Fisch is so loaded up on sugar that he is worse at 1. Guess we’ll see how that turns out.
Either way, makes for a funny video. Every time she tries to take the cone away, he totally freaks and then slams the cone back into his face.

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Lunch with Gordon B.

So yesterday, I got a phone call inviting me to a lucheon next Wednesday. It wasn’t entirely clear at first why it was such a great thing. Apparently, it is for the Utah Cities & Leagues. They have an awards luncheon to give some recognition to the Utah Cities & Leagues contributor of the year (something like that). It seems that they are honoring Gordon B and he’ll be there to accept the award and to speak. Also, Russell Ballard will be speaking, and some others. Not exactly sure how large this event is going to be, but I am pretty fortunate to have the opportunity to attend. How cool is that? Lunch with the prophet?

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