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10 years ago?

Wow, I can’t believe that it has been so long since I posted. I also noticed that I never posted after Allie tagged me a couple of weeks ago. So here goes…

5 things I was doing 10 years ago…

1. Just getting well after having my appendix out in a South American hospital.

2. Just got my first greenie, Mac Newbold. (The kid looked like he was 12. Today, he looks like he is 15.)

3. Just about to begin perhaps the hottest summer I have ever experienced.

4. Just realizing how much I really loved the mission, and how much fun it was.

5. Thinking that maybe I would be ok if I never left Argentina.

5 Things on my to-do list today:

1. Spin class at Gold’s Gym.

2. Paint Beckett’s dresser and new bookshelf.

3. Attend Roundy Halloween party.


5. Finally post after 2 weeks of total inactivity.

5 songs I know the lyrics to:

1. Nothing Man: Bruce Springsteen

2. Pressure Suit: Aqualung

3. 3×5: John Mayer

4. Bubbly: Colbie Caillat (I think Beckett loves this song about as much as anyone I know- and he sings and sings it, too)

5. Don’t Drink the Water: Dave Matthews Band

5 Things I would do if I had $1M

1. Buy LOTS more Apple stock- and FAST.

2. All debts paid for, kids missions & college money in the bank.

3. Take the boys & Allie on a European vacation.

4. Take some time off to back to school for photography, film studies- maybe finally get going on my WWII documentary.

5. Take a portion, look for the absolute best way to help someone that really needs it.

5 things I will never wear again:

1. paisley

2. Halloween costume (just kidding, that one’s for Allie)

3. South American hair gel (that stuff is toxic for sure)

4. a server’s apron

5. Those puffy (MC Hammer-esque) pants

5 favorite toys:

1. My Mac

2. iPod

3. my bike

4. Giacomo (some of you know what that is)

5. Blackberry

Anyone notice a trend here with gadgetry?


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phantom vibration

CNN recently reported that there is a growing number of people who have been feeling what they have called “phantom vibrations”. They are somehow the product of having a pager, blackberry, or cell phone on your hip all the time. It seems that in the abscence of these devices, many can feel vibrations on their hip. One guy said he had been having them for about 10 years. Ever since he started wearing a pager for his job. Can you believe that?

Fortunately for me, I’ve only been experiencing them for about 6 months.

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Parents Just Don’t Understand

So I wanted to post a short message tonight.
Been a crazy couple of days, and I wanted to share a couple of things. Firstly, a couple of nights ago, our friends the Ponds were over and were about ready to head home. We had started Beckett’s bath running, and noticed we didn’t see the boys (Beckett & Henry). We found them- in the tub. Both of them. At the same time. With their clothes on. That made for an interesting predicament for getting them out of there without creating a HUGE mess all over. Wearing jeans (and in Henry’s case, shoes) made it really really challenging. So I am posting a photo I grabbed before they got out.

Then tonight, Beckett was home with me and I was busy doing a thousand things. I have a difficult time in allowing him to help me, even though it’s pretty much all he wants to do when he sees me doing anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Asks about a billion questions, and always wants to help. When I wouldnt let him help me put new headlights in the Jetta tonight, he asked me “Daddy, why are you so mad at me?”. MAJOR slap in the face. I wonder- if he noticed me not paying attention to him tonight, then he certainly notices it every time I am too busy to give him my attention. Why is it that it takes things like this to teach me the most basic of lessons? Needless to say, it truly was heartbreaking and I realized I really need to do things a little different and give him undivided attention. MUCH more than he is getting from me. Just when I thought I was doing pretty good with that, i get some surprising feedback on it.

And Fischer is crawling like a racecar these days. We are seriously astounded with how fast he has gotten. Guess like round 2 is underway and we certainly weren’t prepared for it.

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Pho-niE-Nie. All things untrue?

Apparently I fell off the face of the earth. I would love to say that I have been out enjoying the wonders of the world, traveling and meeting all kinds of great people. Maybe that wouldn’t be very accurate. Truth be told, I have been meaning to post- but have ended up putting it off for a variety of excuses. Sleep, work, etc- any reason and every reason, actually.

Conference weekend now, and that means the big Conference brunch at the in-laws. Maybe some naptime if i am REALLY lucky. We’ll see.

The boys are getting so big these days, I cant even believe it. Fischer has become much too mobile lately. He crawls around and manages to get his hands on anything and everything. He has also managed to achieve some sort of affinity for wall outlets. Good thing he hasn’t managed to stuff anything into one so far. We’ll see how long our luck lasts. I will post a video of his mobility later on with this post. Planted the camera out on the floor and framed him in. Started shooting video of him, and went back to work at my desk. Pretty funny, watching him. The best part is when he makes sure I’m not watching him before he makes his charge for the shiny metal device sitting there on the carpet. I also have some great photos of him that I want to post. He is changing so much lately that he is starting to look less like Becks. Behavior is another issue altogether. He certainly isn’t acting in a way that makes he have the slightest bit of hope that he will be more mellow than his older brother. Wow, are we in for a ride.

Beckett, on the other hand, is no less funny these days. He has entered a really funny stage where he LOVES to tell stories. In the car, we do this little BUILD-a-STORY thing where he starts telling a story, then he says “your turn mommy”. Then she gets to add a little bit to the story, then he passes it to me, then back to him. It’s pretty funny, because he picked up on Allie’s “And suddenly…” and then passes to mom. We are trying to get him to actaully add something to the story but it seems that he loves the “And suddenly…” more than actually contributing the the action of what happens. The second funny thing is that he inevitably starts his story with a brave prince named Beckett. There is usually a castle, and a princess he needs to save. What’s more, is that Allie and I always seem to get the dragon in there somewhere. Last night’s was pretty funny, because we managed to get the land of Oz in there, flying monkeys in a hot-air-balloon, and the wicked witch watching from her crystal ball. Then Beckett’s contribution “the dragon turned into a knight…” Either he is listening really closely to Allie when she adds to the action- or he watches WAY too much television. Regardless of the source of this silliness, he sure is a funny one. This really is one of the funnest times yet. Strange how that works. I have a few photos of him I plan to post also.

My riding seems to have ended for a while. I am pretty sure that I am going to need get something done with my knee. Probably a scope on that thing before I will ever be able to do much in the arena of active again. Unfortunate, particulary because I really dont have the time or inclination to go deal with it. Seems to be much more convenient for me to not do anything active, then just feel lazy, tired, and guilty for being so complacent. Wow. What a self-realization for a lame duck such as I.

By the way, I think it all is. A complete fabrication through and through. For those of you who know what I mean by that.

Beckett in his room sept 2007

Fischer Sept 2007

Fischer Oct 07

Beckett J in the bath- oct 07

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