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Catching up

Since I haven’t written for a little while, I wanted to make a quick update.
I have been working on a new page, and should have it updated pretty soon. I discovered .mac and have found it to be ridicilously cool. Thought about registering neildini.com and hosting my blog there- but for now my site is at: www.web.mac.com/neildini

I have posted several pages, and have big plans for what I am going to do with that site.

Should be able to be posting much more often, since it integrates so well with the mac. lots more photo galleries, videos, and other fun stuff.


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Mr B turns 3

So today was Beckett’s birthday. Pretty fun day for him, we had a party with his friends this morning. Crazy house full of kids today- but all in all, it really didn’t get out of control at all. We decorated upstairs with all sorts of streamers (multiple shades of blue, and some red- he has REALLY been into blue lately). The red was for the spiderman theme. Had ice cubes with spider rings in them, cupcakes with spiderwebs and plastic spiders on top. Cake had a spiderman candle, kids all had spiderman masks to wear, and then a spiderman game for the kids to play. Not much of a game, really- they just stuck spiderman stickers on this giant wall poster-thing. Pizza, root beer, and Flintstone push-ups (ice cream) rounded it out.
He got so much stuff I couldn’t even believe it. I hadn’t actually given any thought to the gift part of the the party until he got truckloads of new toys. Wow, what a haul he made. (Hope he isn’t too disappointed when he doesn’t get a ton of stuff from us for Christmas.)
We gave him one of those battery-powered cars to drive around outside. Tried to drive it, got high-centered in the snow. It’s a really great little dunebuggy with big tires and lots of speed. He seems to love it- almost as much as just holding down that gas pedal, no matter what (or who) is in the way- as my shins found out. Photo of him in his rig is posted in this entry.

Outside the scope of this birthday hoo-ha that went on over the last couple of days, it was kind of a good time for me too.
Mostly because last night before he went to bed, he asked me to tell him the story of when he was born. So I told him about the night before he was born, how excited Allie and I both were. We talked about our last night in our house before we had him join our family. And then we talked about how happy we both were when he finally came. It was in that moment I remembered the feelings at the moment that it wasn’t just the two of us anymore. I remembered how different it was when our house was empty and quiet. How we could just get up on a moment’s notice and do whatever we wanted to do. Takeout, movies, trips, etc. And then I thought about how much more fun things are now. Strange twist, almost. While we really don’t do many of those things anymore, it doesnt feel like much fun if the boys aren’t with us.

As it turns out, that conversation with Beckett last night ended up being one my favorite moments, because 1) He sincerely wanted to hear the story about himself 2) It had been a while since I thought about that moment, and could actually feel those feelings again. 3) It was somewhat of a epiphonal moment in which I really reflected on much much richer life is with my boys in it.

Even though they can get out of control, they are wired just like me. We are fundamentally identical. (Isn’t that weird?) And despite how many times I have to discipline him or be the bad guy, I still get to be the good guy sometimes. And that’s when I remember how unbelievably fulfilling it is to be a dad. So I guess you only get to BECOME a dad once, and then every thing starts to make a little more sense.

beckett-in-dune-buggy.jpg    beckett-all-smiles.jpg

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