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Lost at Sea

So either I’ve been shipwrecked somewhere, or I just have been “too busy” to write.
I think we all know what the actual answer here is.

First, I just wanted to post this image, because I found it to be pretty comical, and also because I am SO looking forward to getting on with things. Even though it won’t be back on TV until around February 2009, I’m still really excited for it to come back on. Partly because I really do think LOST is one of the best shows I’ve seen- EVER. Also, because TV never fails to disappoint. While there are a few shows on TV now that we watch regularly, TV really isn’t that good. Come to think of it, movies haven’t been that good lately, either. Is this just another effect of the writer’s strike? I had heard a while ago that it would affect the film industry, as well as TV. The difference is that tv series are such that you anticipate when the next episode will be showing, and you expect it to be on. With movies, you really never really know much about what you’re going to get- until just before you get it. There are a few exceptions to this, especially if you follow a particular actor and really track what they are doing. In those cases, you may know well ahead of time what’s coming. But those movies generally end up at a film festival somewhere (Sundance, Toronto, Cannes). The great ones end up at SD, the pretty good ones at Toronto, and the big-budget and VERY foreign and out there ones (examples: Indiana Jones- what were Speilberg and Lucas thinking here? and movies like Life In the Time of Cholera, Bell & Butterfly, etc. The artsy-type stuff is classic Cannes material.) Anyway, those types of movies you may find out about, and actually wait impatiently to see. The others seem to be shoved down your throat, purely because the studios have big marketing budgets and are committed to spending it, regardless of the credibility of the actual film. (example: Eagle Eye. Too bad, what a shame. Example 2: Vantage Point. Do I even NEED to comment on that one? Ouch.)

So back to the horrible state we’re in with entertainment. Has anyone been to Redbox lately and noticed like 40% of the films being low-budget films full of actors nobody has ever heard of? There used to be the occasional foreign or independent film in there that not many people around here had heard of. Myself, along with a few friends and family members, may have heard about them before. But not many had. Makes it nice when you want to see one, because they are RARELY checked out. (Example: The Visitor. Just came out this week, and pretty much every Redbox around here has had a copy in stock at any time of day. I had actually been waiting for a very long time to see it, so lucky me. Yesterday, I saw like 20 films there that I had never heard anything about, and some of them with actors I HAD heard of- but wished that perhaps I hadn’t. Actors that should have retired when life was good, and disappeared before they got involved in projects like those. (I’m expecting them to create a whole GENRE to has-been actors like Nicholas Cage.) Now that’s a real B-list actor for you. Perhaps he should have stopped after Raising Arizona. I have a hard time remembering anything else that was remotely acceptable that he had anything to do with. He has, however, managed to stay busy pumping out CRAP. Ghost Rider? Are we serious? Is that what things have to come to?


HERE is a really interesting article that I found today.

It’s about Tom Cruise’s new film, Valkerie. Apparently, he just can’t manage to do a German accent that people don’t laugh at. Rumors say that it’s pretty embarrassing, and that they have had to go back and shoot everything with him just speaking straight English.

I have been waiting for this film about as long as I have been waiting for the new Bond film. Despite Tom’s really weird behavior and egocentric breakouts, I still wanted to see this movie. I don’t wish ill of the guy, I really WANTED to see him do something cool. And I thought maybe this would be the one. I understand he is really, really wanting the respect of Hollywood, and he wants an Oscar. But it just doesn’t seem like it is ever going to happen for him. Let’s reflect on his long list of attempts at getting the little golden man. Did it start with Rain Man? Perhaps that was the first attempt at greatness. Then again with BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. Then Far & Away was his next attempt. Followed by A Few Good Men. Then THE FIRM. (surely one of his best) Then next was Jerry Maguire, followed by a double-shot in 1999 of out there-ness with Eyes Wide Shut and Magnolia. Then Vanilla Sky, then a couple of really good ones in my opinion- The Last Samurai and Collateral. Then War of the Worlds falls flat, but he comes back with Lions for Lambs- which falls even flatter. It’s almost like his movies haven’t really been too crappy up until he started going wacky. War of the Worlds was probably the first film that he did that got as much criticism as his outlandish behavior off-camera. Even marrying the girl-next door Katie Holmes didn’t bring him the credibility he was looking for. Does anyone else think that thing is doomed like his career?


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