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Some thoughts on Hope & Change

While it may be true that over the past week or so, there probably isn’t a word used more often globally than Obama. So at risk of sounding duplicative, I have some thoughts to share about the events of the past few weeks, specifically this week.

I think that the results of the elections are so promising, and feel that there are so many reasons to feel optimistic. While we might speculate as to why the results were so definitive- McCain wasn’t likeable enough, he always screwed up, turning things so negative, nobody had a sense of who he was, he looked goofy, etc. While they may have contributed to the outcome- I certainly don’t believe they are the reason.

I look forward to living in a country in which the poker game of politics the race, ethnicity, or sex card doesn’t trump all else. I look forward to living in an environment where those things don’t cause the huge social & cultural divide & dissention that they currently do. True, I haven’t ever really lived in a place or time in which I were taught those things throughout my life. In large part, I have only witnessed them on the evening news and in mainstream media- like tv, film, and music. Those feelings are only echoed in the voices of older generations, whose attitudes have in large part been passed down through time in language and behavior, witnessed by the young only to be replicated again and again.

So we could say that Barack turned words like change and hope into buzzwords that helped him become enormously popular. We could say that while Hollywood promoted the campaign via Oprah, it may be true. While there may be a million reasons why or how, the fact that so many people voted the same way I did says something. To me, it says that despite all the differences that people have and fight about, they want the same things that I want. That may or may not mean changing public policies or the healthcare system or social security. I think the type of change that is wanted is a change in the way of thinking. A new attitude, a new disposition.

So today I feel more hope than ever before in our country. Not because an Afro-American get elected, but because millions of people want the same thing I do, to live in that world of positivity and hope. The promises & commitments made during a series of campaign rallies and debates don’t necessarily mean that the change will happen. But perhaps the fact that people turned out at a rate of 2 to 1 to support the same idea does. That’s why I think that there’s a reason to be so hopeful.


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Beckett & preschool

Since Beckett’s been going to preschool, he often comes home with something fun to share, or stories, or cool crafts he has made. A little while ago he came home with this…

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Early Voting

Wow, that was crazy. 90 minutes of standing in line was something I didn’t expect. But to do so & see “Superdell”  Dell Schanze on the ballot for governor? Are we serious? Can anyone clue me in on what this guy is thinking? A guy that can’t even effectively balance the budget for his own company- wants to be responsible for doing that with my state? At least when it was just his store, you could choose not to buy there. I couldn’t imagine letting this neurotic bozo and his delusions make decisions about my kids’ education, or my tax dollars. Someone who makes questionable  decisions as to his own behavior- aspiring to be the one making key public policy? Given that I wasn’t aware that this guy was running until I got to the polls- surely he didn’t run the “Totally awesome” campaign he needed to. Maybe some “totally awesome” therapy is more in order here.

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After linking from Jeremy’s blog recently, I read the article about the remake of Footloose with Zack Effron playing the lead role of Wren. Yes, there are those out there who have never seen Footloose (gasps here) – while it is definitely uncommon. But the rest of us who have seen it the dozens and dozens of times will be nothing short of mortified when this bomb hits the screen.

Are we really supposed to buy a town full of high-school musical alumni that can’t ( and don’t know how to) dance? Really? Think of the line when Chris Penn takes Kevin Bacon in his little yellow car, talking about Men at Work (where do they work?) and the Police (right behind you)- do we really think kids riding around in Escalades having conversations about Dashboard Confessionals and Plain White Tees will be the same thing? Please, Paramount, just let it go. Don’t ruin this for us too. Leave that kind of contribution to George Lucas.


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Despite frequent & increased efforts to keep Fischer in a seated position, be it in a shopping basket, at an eating establishment of any kind, bench at church, (or most importantly) his high chair at home- we fail on a very consistent basis. We keep trying new ways to restrain him long enough to actually eat, or shop, or accomplish anything whatsoever. In the end, we haven’t been able to do it. We just can’t figure out how Foodini manages to get on his feet. We are fairly surprised he hasn’t taken a tumble backwards out of his high chair as of yet. But surely he’ll have his chance, because he doesn’t seem to be planning any change or expectation to start listening anytime soon. Maybe when he does take a spill he will get the picture.


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