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52 Movies in 52 Weeks: Week 22: Paul Blart Mall Cop


This movie was hugely popular (no pun intended, for those of you who have seen it, or are even familiar with Kevin James’ trim figure). I wonder if perhaps the reason it was so popular is because it was free from sex, language, or violence.

Story of Paul Blart, who wants to be a Police Officer, but can’t pass the physical testing required to pass the screening. Ends up a security guard in a mall, driving a Segway, and sporting a weird mustache. In truth, I think the ‘stache and the Segway are the funnies elements of the whole movie, but as a whole I think it fell pretty flat. Perhaps my humor is just so whacked that I don’t find the same things funny as most people. Either way, it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t as funny as I expected (or hoped) it would be. My rating: C+

Next up: a) The Crucible & b) The Defiant Ones


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52 Movies in 52 Weeks: Week 21: Sunshine Cleaning


This is a film that I know Tony had been waiting eagerly to see for MONTHS. Mostly due to his tremendous and public crush on Amy Adams. Notwithstanding, we had a guys’ weekend out several weeks ago and saw this one at the Broadway. Good choice.

Story follows Amy Adams as a housekeeper/cleaner who manages to get into the business of cleaning up crime scenes/death scenes for its substantial earnings potential. Hey, who wants to clean blood and whatever else may be involved after a suicide, death of any other kind, etc.
She starts a business with her sister, Alan Arkin plays their father. The story is really about the relationship between her and her sister, and the two and their father, and her and her child. Great story, lots of humor while still not being a comedy. The theme may not appeal to many, but one of my favorites this year. My rating: A.

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52 Movies in 52 Weeks: Week 20: Taking Chance


This is a film that showed at Sundance this year. I thought about getting tickets to see it there, but there were so many others I was dying to see that I opted out. Luckily it released quickly through HBO, and landed at Redbox a short time ago.
This is an interesting film for several reasons.
Story in a nutshell- Kevin Bacon is a Colonel (either that or some other office that I can’t recall right now) in the US Army. He volunteers to escort a soldier killed in combat home to his parents. The story shows all the steps of how the body is processed and transported from the battlefield all the way home (in this case to Wyoming). I really enjoyed seeing the interactions that were nothing short of surprising along the way. I also enjoyed that the film, while based on a true story- doesn’t grandstand. It doesn’t have a bias. It’s neither pro-war, or anti-war. It doesn’t need to be to tell this story. Acting is great, I enjoyed the reverence with which it tells its tale. My rating: A-

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Have I forgotten about you, Wordpress?

It appears that my blog has become nothing BUT movie reviews, but there isn’t much I can say about that.
I have actually found that Twitter is a much more efficient and rational alternative, given that I can tweet from my phone- and at any time. It is basically real-time blogging, in 140 characters or less. Causes one to be much more intentional about their posts, more thought out, and much more brief. Not a bad thing, for sure. You can follow me here:  http://twitter.com/neil_adams.
The truth is that I have seen several movies that I want to review. Some good, some not so good.
I have a few new bands to post about as well, and I am excited to get some feedback after some of you give them a listen. I have occupied much of my free time over the last while watching some TV series that I found to be somewhat interesting. I’ll rate those as well. Lastly, I still have several hundred photos from our California trip almost 2 months ago that I STILL haven’t finished editing. I will likely post them into galleries on Flickr. Until then, you can look at some of the galleries that I have previously posted HERE.

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52 Movies in 52 Weeks: Week 19: State of Play

Briefly put, I didn’t know anyone who had seen this film so there was nobody’s recommendation to consider.
I believe it was one of the best performances I have ever seen from Russell Crowe. Ditto for Ben Affleck. And Rachel McAdams was pretty great too. Jason Bateman makes an appearance for a very small part. While a crucial character, I enjoyed his role.

The film was intense throughout, keeps you guessing a little bit. It kind of kept me on edge throughout. A few twists & turns. Good performances. Good casting, dialogue, cinematography.

My review: A-

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