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52 Movies in 52 Weeks: Week 20: Taking Chance


This is a film that showed at Sundance this year. I thought about getting tickets to see it there, but there were so many others I was dying to see that I opted out. Luckily it released quickly through HBO, and landed at Redbox a short time ago.
This is an interesting film for several reasons.
Story in a nutshell- Kevin Bacon is a Colonel (either that or some other office that I can’t recall right now) in the US Army. He volunteers to escort a soldier killed in combat home to his parents. The story shows all the steps of how the body is processed and transported from the battlefield all the way home (in this case to Wyoming). I really enjoyed seeing the interactions that were nothing short of surprising along the way. I also enjoyed that the film, while based on a true story- doesn’t grandstand. It doesn’t have a bias. It’s neither pro-war, or anti-war. It doesn’t need to be to tell this story. Acting is great, I enjoyed the reverence with which it tells its tale. My rating: A-


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