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52 Movies in 52 Weeks: Week 18: Bedtime Stories

I had been intending to see this film for quite a while, but just recently got around to it.
I thought it was ok, nothing outstanding but nonetheless entertaining.
Sometimes, I felt that Sandler  slipped into his former self- with his weird voices and characteristics that one saw again and again in trailers for that silly Zohan movie that came out sometime last year. I find those voices weird and unappealing, so I didn’t see that one. Lucky, because I think I would have hated it worse than the critics (who coincidentally weren’t the least bit kind to it).

I thought that Keri Russell did very well to get out from under that ridiculous movie August Rush she did a while ago. That’s the kind of project that  you just can’t figure out how it came to be. You’d think that at some point, somebody involved would have been even a little bit honest and put the brakes on that trainwreck. That was horrible. But this one brought some redemption to Ms. Russell.  Guy Pierce was a little bit funny, but not enough to make it much of a comedy. Truthfully, I prefer Sandler in films such as Punch Drunk Love and Reign O’er Me. More dramatic pictures seem to suit him almost better. Guess we’ll see what he chooses to do in the future.

My rating: B


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52 Movies in 52 Weeks: Week 17: My Bloody Valentine 3D


That’s pretty much my review.

But seriously, this was a weird and silly film. Not slapstick silly, but silly in the sense that the director certainly didn’t have any direction here and tried his best to piece some crap together to appeal to teenagers. It didn’t work out.
For some reason, I had wanted to see this for quite a while. Maybe it was the commercial, promoting the more-than-obvious slasher boiler-plate film. Even though everyone knows that horror films are typically crap, I thought I would give it a go.

From the very start, it was unconventional. Within the first 4 minutes of the film people are getting hacked. I thought to myself, “they must be forgoing any development whatsoever, and jumping right to the 3D effects- making it like a carnival ride.” This goes on for a while, then they break to more of a story, then back to the slasher component again just before it ends. Very inconsistent, and the director didn’t seem to stick to his idea very well. Either you’ve gotta develop things before they start running, or you’ve gotta abandon them altogether and stop pretending that it’s about anything more than scaring people. This one tried to sit on the fence, the story (or lack thereof) suffered. And the 3D action suffers too much also. So I guess what I’m getting at is that this largely film fails in all aspects. Not even worth a$1 Redbox rental. Total crap.

Score: D-

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